Sønr Insurtech 100: Stefano Bison and Danilo Raponi of Generali

Written by
Matt Connolly
24 January 2023

In this interview, Matt Ferguson, discusses the Insurtech 100 with launch partners, Danilo Raponi and Stefano Bison, both of Generali. He talks specifically about their thoughts, views, and perspectives on the report itself, the data that underpins it, and the current market trends.

Generali with many group functions – scattered around the world – has a wide range of interests, several of which place innovation at the forefront of what they do and their strategy has one fundamental pillar, which focuses on a pragmatic approach to innovation. Their aim is to try and find companies to collaborate with that have not only a clear market proposition and strong business planning for expansion but focus on pushing existing boundaries within the industry.

Many of the insurtech businesses mentioned in the report have already caught the attention of Generali, either as a start-up or a scale-up proposition which has lead to a wide range of collaborations taking place in recent years.

We therefore explore the approach Generali takes towards innovation as an insurer with nearly 200 years experience.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Insurtech 100, please do.