Insurtech 100: 2021 edition

Written by
Matt Connolly
24 November 2021

From ZhongAn in China to Renewbuy in India, last year's 100 was the most diverse ever. Here's your chance to reflect on 2021 before the Insurtech 100 2022 is released on October 19th.

Last year’s edition of the Insurtech 100. 2021 saw an enormous amount of change in the market, with IPOs, huge funding rounds and new trends like embedded and ESG taking hold.

Of course, so much has changed in 12 months, which is why we think it’s eminently timely to reflect on last year and where we were then. It can be easy to be forever looking forward when the focus is on innovation.

Will we look at 2021 numbers as a peak to be aspired to, or as an inflated ecosystem that needed correcting? How will parametric insurance adapt to swiftly changing geopolitical movements? And how will emerging markets balance growth with positive customer outcomes in traditionally underserved markets? These are all valid questions that many of our entrants are actively trying to solve.

We’ve seen some big changes since this list was released, with IPOs that didn’t quite meet expectations, macroeconomic funding challenges and more focus on the ‘tech’ part of Insurtech, shaping the last 12 months.

A note from EY on the 2021 list:

‘Sønr’s Insurtech 100 2021 list is a reflection of the scale and scope of technological innovation that is transforming virtually all aspects of insurance.
These companies are deploying leading edge capabilities in Big Data, AI, API’s, digitisation, and blockchain across every part of the value chain, sharpening underwriting, making brokers’ lives easier, targeting new segments, making claims more seamless, and driving industry defining themes such as embedded insurance. And they are doing this in commercial lines, specialty, motor, home, travel, life, and health.
There are more than 50 new entrants on this year’s list, evidence of the volume of strong businesses, the ideas driving them, the talent running them, the pools of capital available to fund them, and the appetite for partnerships and M&A activity. And there are notable themes about the markets that these companies are serving that reflect the mood and digital acceleration throughout the past year – health care, social inclusion, small and medium sized enterprises.’

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