Sønr Insurtech 100: Stefano Bison and Danilo Raponi of Generali

In this interview, Matt Ferguson, discusses the Insurtech 100 with launch partners, Danilo Raponi and Stefano Bison, both of Generali. He talks specifically about their thoughts, views, and perspectives on the report itself, the data that underpins it, and the current market trends. Generali with many group functions – scattered around the world – has […]

Sønr Insurtech 100 Launch: Chris Payne and Penney Frohling of EY

The 2022 Insurtech 100 has been launched and we are thrilled to have the support of both Chris Payne and Penney Frohling from EY. As our headline partner, for the second year running, we have worked together to compile this in-depth report. Sitting alongside our CEO Matt Connolly in this recording, both Chris and Penney, […]